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  • Gillian Wright

Monday, January 9th, 2023

This Monday, we are practicing for the Tri-Service sports night against 2919 Army cadets and 53 Sea cadets. Cadets will participate in an obstacle course and sports activities. There will be an orientation on the Tri-Service Sports Day on January 14.

All cadets to bring the following things;

-Refillable water bottle

-Money for canteen

Level 5 cadets to be at Armory by 1745-1750 (545pm-550pm)

All other cadets to arrive between 1800-1815 (6pm-615pm).

Everyone to be formed up on parade square by 1820 at the latest. We will be having a sports night this week.

Dress for this week is civilians (appropriate sports attire and running shoes).

Cadets to be picked up by 2115 (915pm).

All cadets, Duty Flights will begin again, this means if your flight is on duty you must remain until everything is put away. This week Duty Flight is Flight One.

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