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Announcements for Oct 2-Oct 8 2023

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Regular Parade Night Oct 2nd

All cadets will return for our regular parade nights on Monday October 2nd from 1815-2115. Dress will be FTU.

Don’t forget a refillable water bottle

Canteen will be available tonight

Flight two will be on duty

What Flight am I in?

At the beginning and end of every parade night we form up into flights. The attached list is a list of what flight you are in. If you don’t see your name, don’t sweat it, we will figure it out when you get to the Armoury!

Sqn Org Chart _2023-2024
Download XLSX • 41KB

Fall FTX Sept 29-Oct 1

Our First major activity is happening. Our Fall FTX (Field Training Exercise) will happen Sept 29-Oct 1 2023 at Blackdown Cadet Training Centre. Blackdown CTC

Parental drop off: Sept 29th 5pm at Front Gate

Parental Pick up: Oct 1st 3pm at front Gate

Sign up here!

Ground School Announcement

Would you like to earn your GLIDER or POWER PILOT's LICENCE?

Are you ready for:

- lots of work, massive reward?

- online self study about 45 hours at your own pace to be completed by January?

To qualify you must be:

- 16 by September 2024 for glider OR

- 17 by September 2024 for power

Would you like to:

- be supported by weekly review sessions/quizzes to keep you accountable an on track?

- engage in familiarization flights to put your knowledge into the cockpit?

If you answered YES to ALL these questions, then please send email of interest or talk to OCdt Gabor:

Online self study course is now available and you can begin your journey! Respond ASAP.


Each year 102 Squadron staff plan a very full and robust training year. This is done without charging a fee for cadets to join. In order to be able to continue doing this we have to ask that our cadets and their families help us with fundraising. Our main source of fundraising is tagging. This is where we send cadets out into the community to stand out in front of local businesses asking for a small financial donation. We ask that all cadets sign up for a minimum of two shifts. Cadets who sign up for three shifts will be prioritized for our year end trips.

Shifts are as follows:

Friday October 13th 5-9pm

Saturday October 14th 8-5pm

Sunday October 15th 830-5pm

*Parents will be required to drive their cadets two and from locations. However, we will provide the supervision while cadet is at a location. All locations will start and end at the Armouries.*Dress is C1, if you are without a uniform we ask you to wear clothing with no offensive sayings or rips.*Lunch is provided to cadets Saturday and Sunday

Sign up here

Save the Date!

Oct. 22- Sports and Fitness day at Base Borden.

Letter from the OPC

2023 SSC parent donation letter and contact form final on Letterhead
Download PDF • 2.29MB

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