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Will You Be Away From Air Cadets?

If you will be away from Air Cadets on a Monday night (Mandatory Training Night), there are a couple of options available to you to let us know!!

  1. At, if you scroll to bottom of page you will see a form that you can fill in with this message


2. Email Admin at the following email address:

Along with this you will cc your level officer in the email so that they are aware that

you will be away and for how long. Note: Attendance is of great importance and

there should be an extremely good reason why you are away from any Mandatory

Training. Such reasons would include being sick or away on vacation. If you are not

sure of Level Officer emails they are below for your reference.

Level 1 - OCdt Wilcox and Major McNaughton and

Level 2 - CI Barrow

Level 3 - OCdt Gabor

Level 4 - CV Clements

Level 5 - WO Mena

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