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Weekly Cadet Announcements - Monday, May 27th, 2023

Monday, May 28th, 2023

All cadets to bring the following:

- Refillable water bottle

- Money for canteen

- Pen

- Notebook/paper

Level 5 cadets to be at Armoury by 1745-1750 (5:45pm - 5:50pm).

All other cadets to arrive between 1800-1815 (6:00pm- 6:15pm).

Everyone is to be formed up on the parade square by 1815 at the latest.

Dress for this week is C1 (blue uniform with medals). If you do not have C1 uniform, please wear black pants, white shirt, and a tie.

Cadets to be picked up by 2115 (9:15pm).

All Cadets, If your flight is on duty you MUST REMAIN until everything is put away.

Duty Flight this week is Flight 2.

Band Practice

There will be an important band practice Sunday, May 28th from 1400h to 1700h. Cadets are welcome to come 30 minutes before practice to receive their band sweaters.

Please check Google Classroom for updates.

Drill Team

The drill team will have a practice this Sunday, May 28th from 1800 to 2030 and Flag Party practice from 2030 to 2100 at the Barrie Armoury.

Please bring snacks, and a refillable water bottle.

For more information please contact: OCdt Wilcox ( or WO Mena (

Range and Orienteering Day

Hold The Date: Ready, Aim, Explore! Mark your calendars for May 27 and join us for an unforgettable day of range shooting and orienteering. How good is your aim? How well can you navigate the terrain? This event will put your skills to the test and let you experience the thrill of adventure firsthand.

Annual Ceremonial Review

It is time to show off to our 102 Family, friends and community all the hard work we have done this training year. Our Annual Ceremonial Review will be on Saturday June 3rd at Dyte Hall Base Borden.

Cadets are to be at Barrie Armoury no later than 0715.

Cadets must wear civilian attire but bring your Blue Uniform (C1A-Medals). Make sure it is neatly pressed and boots are shining. (Boots in pillow case will protect them)

Bus leaves Armoury at 0745.

Parents and guest to arrive at Dyte Hall 62 Centre Dr, CFB Borden by 1330. Ceremony to start at 1400.

Light refreshments will be served after Ceremony

Cadets will leave with parents once everything is cleaned up approximately 1600.

Awards Night

We have so many cadets who have done some great things, we want to recognize them all! Parents and Guardians (only two guests per cadet) we are inviting you to attend, June 5th Barrie Armoury 1845pm.

Cadets to arrive in Blue uniform (C1A-medals) by 1815.

*Cadets who are attending summer training at a CTC (Senior Courses) must stay briefly for information

Once the ceremony is over cadets are free to leave.


Bring your appetite and prepare for fun! Cadets are invited to our year end BBQ on June 12th at Barrie Armoury.

Cadets to arrive to Armoury by 1815

Dress is civilian attire (some may want to bring a change of clothes hint, hint)

This will be our final parade night of the year!!!

Summer Cadet Co-op

The Summer Cadet Co-Op program for high school credits is back! For details, and registration forms, please visit this link: Summer Semester Cadet COOP - Upper Canada District School Board (

All questions regarding the cadet co-op should be directed to:

One misconception to address is that even though UCDSB runs the program, cadets do not need to belong to UCDSB. Any cadet who is a residence in Ontario and has obtained a minimum of 1 high school credit is eligible to participate.

Cadets are advised to speak with their guidance counsellor at school to ensure this opportunity best fits their pathway.

Static Displays

Are you passionate about a topic that you feel others should know about? Are you creative and want to show this to your fellow cadets?

We are looking for cadets to contribute to our Static Display section at the Annual Ceremonial Review on June 3rd.

Many of you will be asked to create one with your level or if you are involved in any teams within 102 Squadron but I am challenging each of you to come up with your own display that shows off something you want others to see.

Prizes will be awarded to the cadet with the most creative Static Display.

Come see WO1 Erb if you have questions!!!

Kit Shop

102 Squadron Kit Shop will be open for business on:

May 29th from 6 - 6:30pm during Cadet arrival

June 3rd @ Annual Ceremonial Review

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