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Weekly Cadet Announcements - Monday, March 6th, 2023

Monday, March 6, 2023

All cadets to bring the following:

- Refillable water bottle

- Money for canteen

- Pen

- Notebook/paper

Level 5 cadets to be at Armoury by 1745-1750 (5:45pm - 5:50pm).

All other cadets to arrive between 1800-1815 (6:00pm- 6:15pm).

Everyone is to be formed up on the parade square by 1815 at the latest.

Dress for this week is FTU. If you do not have a FTU please wear black pants, white shirt, and tie.

Cadets to be picked up by 2115 (9:15pm).

All Cadets, If your flight is on duty you MUST REMAIN until everything is put away.

Duty Flight this week is Flight 4.


There will be no Range for Saturday, March 4.

Band Practice

There will be band practice this Sunday, March 5th from 1400-1700.

Please check Google Classroom for updates.

Drill Team

The drill team will have a practice this Sunday, March 6th from 1800 to 2030 and Flag Party practice from 2030 to 2100 at the Barrie Armoury.

Please bring snacks, and a refillable water bottle.

For more information please contact: OCdt Wilcox ( or WO Mena (

Little Caesar’s Fundraiser

Little Caesars Fundraiser money and orders must be in by March 6th. 6.00 for each kit will go directly back to cadets who are planning on the white water rafting trip or the Science North Trip. Remember, there is a prize for the top two cadets as well as an opportunity to pie in the “face” the CO or the WO1.

Pizza kits will be delivered on March 20th.

CAP Applications

CAP 1 and 2 Summer training applications need to be submitted by March 6th. Please submit to OCdt Wilcox, CI Barrow or OCdt Erb

White Water Rafting

Any Level 4 or 5 cadets who have changed their mind around the year end trip and want to go, please come see OCdt Erb on March 6th.

Science North

Reminder to all Level 1,2, and 3’s that your Science North Form and 80.00 will need to be handed into your Level Officer by 06 MARCH 2023.

Download DOCX • 13KB

Kit Shop

102 Squadron Kit Shop will be open for business on:

March 25th @ the Chili Cookoff

March 27th from 6 - 6:30pm during Cadet arrival

April 24th from 6 - 6:30pm during Cadet arrival

May 29th from 6 - 6:30pm during Cadet arrival

June 3rd @ Annual Ceremonial Review

Chili Cook-Off

Attention 102 Squadron! Our Squadron will be running the first annual chili cook off fundraiser event on Saturday, March 25 at the Army Navy Air Force Club at 52 Morrow Rd in Barrie. This event has several key components including a door prize raffle, silent Auction and the main event a Chili cook-off contest.

For the Door prize raffle each flight will be responsible for assembling a prize basket with a different theme. The flight basket themes are:

Flight 1 - Summer BBQ Bonanza (gear and food items to make a great BBQ)

Flight 2 - Family Game Night (games and snacks suitable for a family)

Flight 3 - A Day at the Spa (spa and esthetic items)

Flight 4 - A Global Snacks Attack (candy and snacks from around the world)

WO1 and senior Level 5 / Flag Party - The Riddler Mystery Box (random items)

All items submitted for the raffle must still be in their original package or in the form of gift cards. This event will be a competition between the flights to see which one can assemble the best basket! For more information about the chili cook off or raffle prize baskets please feel free to contact CV Clements or FSgt Anderson.

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