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Announcements for May 13 - May 19 2024

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Monday May 13 2024



 Annual Ceremonial Review Practice, The Dress will be C3.  Make sure you wear a parka as we will be outside!!!  This is a mandatory parade night.


Don’t forget your water bottle, pen, and notebook.


Flight 4 is on Duty


Annual Ceremonial Review


Our Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR) is scheduled for May 25th 2024 at Dyte Hall in Base Borden, this is a time for cadets to showcase some of the amazing things they have done this year. 

We are looking for someone who is a really good photographer who is willing to donate their time to ensure we are able to capture the magic of this day. 

If you are or know of a photographer that can come on May 25th,  please reach out to Lt Erb at

Save the Date

May 10-12 FTX

May 25 Annual Ceremonial Review

And so much more…..

Spring FTX

The spring FTX is quickly approaching and will be happening from May 10th to 12th! Drop off is at 5:00pm on Friday and pick up is 3:00pm on Sunday at the Blackdown front gate.

Dress is FTUs.

Don't forget to bring running shoes and athletic wear for Saturday.

FTX Permission form
Download PDF • 126KB
Download PDF • 61KB

Poster Competition

You are challenged to create a poster to commemorate the 100 years of the Royal Canadian Air Force. The winner will receive a prize worth up to $100. These posters will be due on annual (May 25th).

Barrie Air Show


The Barrie Air Show is taking place at the Barrie Waterfront on June 15 and 16th.  Central Ontario Region is hosting cadets from across the region to attend the Air Show.  Cadets will meet at the Barrie Armoury and then walk to the festivities.

102 Squadron is going to be the primary support for set up and tear down each day. We need cadets in levels 3, 4, and 5 to sign up for set up and take down shifts, these cadets will also be involved in manning the booth at Heritage Park, the Canadian Sail Centre and the Armoury. They could also be assigned as an IC of a group of cadets.  They will also be able to watch the Air Show.  We are asking that cadets in those levels sign up for at least one shift.


Cadets in Level 1 and 2 are invited to join in on the festivities on June 15th.  If these cadets want to attend on June 16th, it will not be supported by 102 Squadron and they will need to have parental supervision.  Lunch will also not be provided.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Please see 2Lt Malichen-Reid if you have any questions. 

Volunteers are needed! 

102 Squadron Sponsoring Committee is looking for energetic, dedicated individuals willing to donate their time to help raise much-needed funds to support our squadron by joining the squadron sponsoring committee. To volunteer please contact SSC members are always available to answer questions at drop-off and pick-up on Monday nights. Stop by and say hi!

Kit Shop upcoming dates

The last day of the training year to get your 102 Squadron swag is May 25th at Annual Ceremonial Review. 

Gift Basket Raffle Fundraiser

Each flight is assembling a gift basket with a different theme to be raffled off at the Annual Ceremonial Review on May 25.

The flight basket themes are:

  • Flight 1 - Family Game Night (games and snacks suitable for a family)

  • Flight 2 - Family Game Night (games and snacks suitable for a family)

  • Flight 3 - Summer BBQ Bonanza (gear and food items to make a great BBQ)

  • Flight 4 - Summer BBQ Bonanza (gear and food items to make a great BBQ)

  • Flight 5 - A Day at the Spa (spa and aesthetic items)

  • Flight 6 - A Day at the Spa (spa and aesthetic items)

  • WO1 and senior Level 5 / Flag Party - The Riddler Mystery Box (random items)

This event is a competition between the flights to see which one can assemble the best basket! All items submitted for the raffle must still be in their original package or in the form of gift cards. Cadets, please bring your gift basket items with you on parade night. The last day to bring in items is Monday May 13. 

Cadet 365

Remember to sign in to your Cadet 365 account and familiarize yourself with Microsoft Teams as we will start using this as our primary method of communication. Step by step instructions can be found on the Cadet 365 Onboarding website

If you have any questions or haven't received your email and password, talk to your Level Officer or FSgt Wright. For technical support, reach out to

***You need to have logged on in order to do summer training.***

Static Displays

As a part of our Annual Ceremonial Review, we will have a variety of static displays set up for cadets, staff, friends and family, and distinguished guests to view. These displays will showcase different activities from the past year and what our squadron's all about! The level 4 cadets are working on putting these together but need your help!

Talk to or email the cadets below if you'd like to work on a static display.

Glider - Strachan-Gagné (

Level 1, 2, 3 Hamilton Warplane Heritage Museum Trip - Boden (

Snow Tubing - Ivanov (

Effective Speaking and Debate - Pronin (

Tagging - Vanderploeg (

Senior Year End Trip - Foster (

RCAF Centennial - Bourdon-Barker (

Christmas Dinner - Bourret (

Remembrance Day - Thaljieh (

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