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Contact Us

If you are unable to attend an activity, you may send admin an email to report an absence. 


Phone (705) 726-0588


Parade Nights: Monday at 1815h

Parade night locations are on the Calendar


Barrie Armoury

37 Parkside Dr Barrie, ON
Barrie, ON L4N 1W8
Phone (705) 726-0588

Mailing Address

PO Box 20141
Barrie, ON L4M 6E9

Thanks for submitting!

Squadron Contact Information

Squadron Chief

WO1 Erb

Admin Warrant

WO2 Anderson


Supply Warrant

WO2 El Gazzar


Training Warrant

WO2 MacConnell

Level 1IC

WO2 Ban

Level 1NCO

FSgt Beatty

Level 1NCO

FSgt Illescas

Level 2IC

FSgt Santos


Level 2NCO

FSgt Bennett


Level 2NCO

FSgt Grogan


Level 2NCO

FSgt Silwimba

Level 3IC

WO2 O’Toole


Level 3NCO

FSgt Kainth


Level 3NCO

FSgt Kim

Level 4IC

FSgt Wright


Level 4NCO

FSgt Chen


Level 4NCO

FSgt Trimble

Flight 1 Commander

WO2 Ban


Flight 1 2IC

FSgt Silwimba


Flight 1 Section A Commander

Sgt Kamra


Flight 1 Section B Commander

FCpl Bourret


Flight 1 Section C Commander

Cpl Humble

Flight 2 Commander

WO2 O’Toole


Flight 2 2IC

FSgt Beatty


Flight 2 Section A Commander

FSgt Kim


Flight 2 Section B Commander

Cpl Vanderploeg


Flight 2 Section C Commander

FCpl St-Jean

Flight 3 Commander

FSgt Santos


Flight 3 2IC

FSgt Kim


Flight 3 Section A Commander

FCpl Doshi


Flight 3 Section B Commander

Sgt Boden


Flight 3 Section C Commander

Sgt Dinsmore

Flight 4 Commander

FSgt Sarin


Flight 4 2IC

FSgt Illescas


Flight 4 Section A Commander

FCpl Thaljieh

Flight 4 Section B Commander

FCpl Abdou


Flight 4 Section C Commander

Sgt Pronin

Flight 5 Commander

WO2 MacConnell

Flight 5 2IC

FSgt Clarkson


Flight 5 Section A Commander

Sgt Ivanov


Flight 5 Section B Commander

Cpl Strachan-Gagne


Flight 5 Section C Commander

FCpl Gabor

Flight 6 Commander

WO2 Anderson


Flight 6 2IC

FSgt Chen


Flight 6 Section A Commander

Sgt Foster


Flight 6 Section B Commander

Sgt Bakhteyev


Flight 6 Section C Commander

FCpl MacLennan

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