CATO 15-22, also known as the Conduct and Discipline of Cadet has been posted under the “Cadets” tab. Any questions about the information in this document can be passed up your appropriate chain of command.
This upcoming Monday night the uniform for all cadets is C3E for all cadets except for FSgts and WOs will be wearing. If you do not have a blue t shirt or it does not fit continue to wear C3 until supply can issue more out.
Don’t forget to check the announcements each week for all the important information! Announcements will be posted by Thursday each week.
Arrive by 18:00hrs sharp for Monday night parades. Please do not arrive before 17:45hrs as the School doors will be locked until then.
New cadets are welcome! Check out the enrollment page for more info.
Learn how to take care of your uniform by reading our uniform guide!
Please do not park or drive within the Armoury compound. Your vehicle could be ticketed and/or towed by Military Police.

Welcome to 102 Squadron!

102 (Barrie Silver Fox) Squadron is the Air Cadet Squadron of Barrie, Ontario.

Interested in Air Cadets?

Every September, our squadron opens its doors to new recruits. All new cadets must be 12 years of age or older, and be Canadian citizens or legal residents.

In order to enrol your child in cadets, you must bring them to the squadron to any parade night from September through December to fill out the necessary paperwork. Your child may not begin attending training until they are 12 years of age. Click here for more information.

What is Air Cadets?

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Monday, November 30th

IMPORTANT – COVID-19 Training: All cadets that have not yet completed this important training must do so ASAP! You will not be permitted to participate in in-person if it is not completed. Links to take the course as well as the associated test can be found under Current Activities. Once it has been completed, email the certificate to admino@102squadron.com.

There is also an aide-memoire addressing possible questions about the pandemic available under Current Activities or by clicking here.

Validation Forms: All cadets that have received validation forms must fill them out (with their parents/guardians) and send them to adminO@102squadron.com ASAP! These forms are now overdue. If you do not return this form, you will not be permitted to participate in any in-person training. Any electronic document formats are acceptable, including photos or scans.

Virtual Training Schedule: Virtual Training Schedule: Online training will resume this Monday, November 30th.

The schedule for the evening is as follows:

1845-1900 | Cadets sign in to their levels

1900-2010 | Level Training

2015 | Closing Parade – CO’s Address

Click here or check the Current Activities tab for all Zoom login information.

Ground School: Attention all aviators! We will be starting our GND school for the Glider Pilot course and Power Pilot course on Tuesday December 1, 2020. A time and zoom link will follow shortly.

In order to qualify to write the exam at the end of the GND school you must be 16yrs old (for the glider course) and 17yrs old (for the power course/PPL) as of September 1, 2020.

All 15 yr old cadets wanting to do the GND school are also welcome, but will be unable to write the exam at the end of the course due to the age requirement set out by Transport Canada.

All who are interested please e-mail CV Anderson at l.andersonflyboy@gmail.com and your name will be added to the list. Please indicate if you have a copy of the book “From the Ground Up” 29th edition.

102 Squadron Podcast: Our 102 Squadron Podcast has officially been released on all major podcast platforms. If you like aviation and especially listening to podcasts, you should definitely check out the 102 Squadron podcast! Our podcast team has been working extremely hard to release this podcast and you should expect an episode every week! We talk about nearly every aviation topic you could think of including aviation history, modern aviation, and even aircraft comparisons. We encourage everyone to give it a try!

Christmas Cards for Seniors – Only 20 more needed: With Christmas around the corner it would be amazing if 102 Squadron made sure that each Senior at this retirement home received a Christmas Card. We only need 20 more cards from cadets and staff. Please consider writing one generic Christmas card.  These cards can be handmade, drawn or purchased.  They would not be addressed to a particular senior so we could ensure all 60 residents received one.  In keeping with COVID safety measures, the Christmas cards would be mailed to Sgt Mena E. where they would be quarantined for 14 days. After that time the Christmas cards would be delivered as one package to the Barrington where they could again be quarantined before being distributed. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to put a smile on a Senior’s face – click here to sign up!

102 Squadron Elite Dangerous Expedition: With the current promotion on the Epic Games Store of a full version of Elite Dangerous at no charge until this Thursday, November 29, I would like to invite 102 Squadron cadets and personnel on an epic exploration of our Milky Way Galaxy.

For those of you who don’t know, Elite Dangerous is an open world adventure game that allows commanders to pilot their own spaceships on a journey of their choosing.  You can choose many different career paths in Elite.  Exploration, mining for riches, passenger missions, bounty hunting, combat with the Thargoids (an alien, sometimes hostile race of insectoids); the choice is yours.

You start with a small ship in a beginner zone and can choose to work through a short series of in game tutorials to learn the ropes.  From there you can earn credits and build more capable ships for whatever career path you choose – or all of them if you want to dabble.

The game is based on a 1:1 recreation of our Milky Way Galaxy with over 400 billion stars to explore.  There are over 5 million Commanders in Elite Dangerous and since it’s launch in December 2014, less than 1% of the galaxy has been explored so the potential for new discoveries is vast.

To allow commanders to get acquainted with the new game and, if they choose, earn credits and upgrade their ships I will wait until January to begin.  In January I will host the participating 102 Squadron Commanders as they dock their ships aboard my Fleet Carrier (which can hold an unlimited number of ships) and I will transport the expeditionary group on a series of discoveries over the following months to far away places in our galaxy to see some of the truly unique sites that Elite Dangerous offers.  We will spend approximately one week at each destination to allow commanders to explore on their own or as a group; whichever they prefer. This is the link to get to the epic games website to download the game. If you have any questions please email WO2 Squires at kleely99@gmail.com.

WO2 Squires


Summer Training Presentations: On December 6th and 12th, 102 Squadron will be having zoom presentations about the opportunities you have for summer camps. We need cadets to volunteer to talk about their past experiences and the camps they attended, both in person and virtual. We aren’t sure if Summer Training will happen, but if it does we still want to give everyone the opportunity to learn about the courses we have. If you have been to a summer camp and or attended the virtual camps this past summer please email WO2 Squires at kleely99@gmail.com for more info!

102 Cookbook: The Cookbook team is now hard at work putting together the first ever 102 Squadron Cookbook. Details will be shared shortly about location of pick up and when it is available.

Christmas Dinner: We are planning for a virtual Christmas dinner for 102 Squadron. We need some cadets to form a team and help plan this event! If you are interested we are welcoming cadets from any level to participate. Please contact FSgt Fiouzbehi at erica.firouzbehi@gmail.com for more info and to join.

Band: Hello 102 Squadron Band Members! We will be having our weekly meetings every Sunday, at 19:30 on the Level 5 Zoom Room. Be sure to be checking your email for updates. See you there!

Effective Speaking and Debate: Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, December 2nd. Be sure to check our google classroom for updates and assigned work! This week’s assignment is a speech topic and rough outline. If you have any questions, email FSgt Thomson, FSgt Firouzbehi or FSgt Gabriel at takieran14@gmail.com, erica.firouzbehi@gmail.com, and eriklucasg@gmail.com.


PSRY for any cadet that started with 102 Squadron since September, regardless of level –  Saturday, November 28 from 0900-1300hrs – OCdt Mena – Level 1 Zoom

PSRY for Level 4 –  Saturday, November 28 from 0900-1300hrs – WO Mena – Level 4 Zoom

PSRY for Level 2 and 3 cadets Sunday, November 29 from 0900-1300hrs – OCdt Malichen-Reid – Level 1 Zoom

If you have any questions please contact OCdt Mena at faithn463@gmail.com

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