Arrive by 18:15hrs sharp for Monday night parades.
Our Annual Ceremonial Review is fast approaching! Make sure you’re polishing your boots, ironing your uniform, and working on your drill!
Check the Weekly Routine Orders posted in the Armoury (behind canteen) to see what’s coming up in your class schedule!
Need help taking care of your uniform? Check out our uniform guide. Or, talk to your fellow cadets!
Please do not park or drive within the Armoury compound. Your vehicle could be ticketed and/or towed by Military Police.

๐Ÿ“ข Monday May 28th

!! There is no parade night on Monday, May 21st.

The dress for Monday, May 28th will be C2-B. Make sure you are wearing your rank slip-ons and nametag! (let your Flt Comd. know if you are missing uniform parts)

If you have exchanged uniform parts with supply, you must bring back the old ones.

102 Squadron is receiving a private tour of the WestJet hangar at Toronto Pearson International Airport on June 16th! We are limited in space to 28 cadets so please only sign up if you are 100% sure you can go. If more cadets sign up than there are spots, we will put out a list of who is going. For more details and to sign up, click here!

There will be a drill team practice this Friday (18) and Saturday (19) @ The Armoury.

There is also a practice on Monday (21) @ The Armoury. Click here to see the team lists.

Not sure if you signed up for an event? Click here to see if your name is on the list!

The Spring FTX is coming up on May 25-27! The Signup is closed. Click here for information.

Click here for details on our annual ceremonial review!

There are no excuses for sloppy uniforms. If you are unsure how to take care of your uniform, get help from our uniform guide, your flight commander, or your friends!

Monday night parades are mandatory, and attendance is factored into level passing and promotions. If you cannot attend a parade night, make sure to excuse yourself byย emailingย attendance@102squadron.com before the day of the event.

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