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Cadet Co-op Program

Hey 102 Squadron

Did you know that you can earn up to four highschool credits while participating in cadets???? Check this out and if you have any questions please email OCdt Erb at

To be eligible a cadet must:

-Attend High School in Ontario

-Reside in Ontario

-Be a current cadet

--> The program is a ministry of education program, coordinated on behalf of the ministry through UCDSB. As long as the cadet is a student of any school board in Ontario (French, English, Public, Catholic, or even Private) they are eligible as the credit is linked to their OEN (Ontario Education Number)

Cadets can earn up to 4 credits through the training year version of cadet co-op. It takes 90 hours of cadet activities (Training, team practices, uniform prep, lesson prep, etc) to earn a credit, as well as completion of the pre-placement assignments, tracking their hours on a log sheet, and participating in your ACR. Why not earn some high school credits for what they are already doing!

If you have any questions, please let me know. Completed registration forms are to be directed to

2022-2023 After-School Cadet Co-Op Fillable Registration Form
Download PDF • 454KB

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