📢 Monday, June 15th

Monday Training & Fun Activities: The schedule for Monday night Zoom meetings is as follows: 

1830-1900 Flight Time

1900-2015 Level Time

2015-2030 CO Discussion and announcements

For login info for your flight’s zoom, click here.

For your level, click here.

And for the squadron wide zoom, click here.

ATTENTION: OUR ANNUAL DATE HAS CHANGED! Due to technology, COVID-19 and personnel availability, we have had to move our 78th Annual Inspection to Saturday, June 20th at 0945hrs. Please see the attachment for further information. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to a FANTASTIC Annual Inspection! Click here for the invitation.

Coin Challenge: Congratulations to LAC Mendonca and Capt. Paull for winning this challenge, and thank-you to everyone that participated!

Attention all Cadets, Staff and Family Members who have been writing weekly letters to Seniors:  The Pen Pal program has been such a huge success with the Seniors who are receiving them and we want for this to continue until we can have a meet and greet in future.  However, the facilitator who receives the letters, formats them, prints them out and delivers them is unable to continue with this program on a weekly basis due to her increased work demands.  

Going forward, the request is to email your senior once per month.  Thank you for your understanding.

Congratulations to our new Cpls and FCpls!

Drill Team: If you are a member of the Drill Team and have not submitted your drill sequence video yet, please do so ASAP! There is very little time left to put this video together!

Squadron Activities: Check out all the amazing online squadron activities and videos! We are publishing videos daily that include Fitness Challenges, Uniform Tips, Wellness Tips, Outdoor Survival Tips, Vlogs and More! Check out the “Current Activities” Tab then click on YouTube Playlists!

Be sure to be creating content for challenges, or to participate by watching the videos that have been put up for you.  You will benefit physically, mentally and in future classes by actively participating.

Work hard, be safe and be kind to everyone you know!

Squadron Website Quiz: All cadets are to log on to the 102squadron.com website.  Look through the various tabs and pages and become very familiar with the contents (including the posted YouTube videos).  There will be a quiz,  and the results of the quiz will become part of our assessment for the  Top Flight this year!!

Squadron Awards: Awards for our outstanding group of cadets will be distributed in June at our virtual awards ceremony and/or Annual Cadet Review.  Please keep working on your positive attitudes and contributions towards your flights and levels.

TOP FLIGHT AWARD – BEST Attitude check, banner/poster for your flight, shiny boots and proper placement of badges on your uniform.


Phone Tree: Please make sure that a cadet is calling you every week. There is valuable information that you should be receiving.  As part of the program, you need to learn to advocate for yourself and the only way to do this is to have contact information for cadets who are in your chain of command. It is their responsibility to provide you with the information that you require (or know who to ask to obtain the info). It is your responsibility to make sure that you have both a telephone number and email information for the seniors in your amazing flights to ask these important questions!


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