📢 Summer 2020

Summer Zoom Meetings: Our formal training year is officially over: have an awesome summer 102! There will, however, be four squadron-wide zoom meetings over the summer, on July 13th, July 27th, August 10th, and August 24th. There will also be occasional meetings for various teams and clubs, so keep an eye on the announcements, website, and Facebook for anything new!

102 Squadron cookbook: We are looking for a small group of cadets who would be interested in working on the first ever 102 Squadron Cookbook. Once the cookbook is created, we would use this as something for fundraising to help with all the amazing activities we do each year. If this is something you think would be interesting and you have time to meet over zoom this summer please let Sgt Erb know by Friday, July 3rd, at cdterb@yahoo.ca.

Address Verification: We are still missing updated addresses from some of our cadets. If you have not yet done so, please fill out this form so we can deliver your end-of-year packages!

COVID-19 Aide-Memoire: To aid in education about COVID-19 and help prepare us for the eventual return to in-person activities, an aide-memoire has been posted on our website. It is your responsibility as cadets to stay informed, so please read it thoroughly to protect your safety and that of others.

Travel club: We are looking for people that are interested in traveling and want to keep in touch over the summer. No travel experience is necessary, just an interest in traveling. Let’s form a club to talk about past vacations and definitely future travels! Please listen for more information during this Monday night’s zoom meeting.

Attention all Cadets, Staff and Family Members who have been writing weekly letters to Seniors:  The Pen Pal program has been such a huge success with the Seniors who are receiving them and we want for this to continue until we can have a meet and greet in future. However, the facilitator who receives the letters, formats them, prints them out and delivers them is unable to continue with this program on a weekly basis due to her increased work demands.  

You may absolutely continue writing letters over the summer. However, going forward, the request is to email your senior once per month.  Thank you for your understanding.

Squadron Activities: Check out all the amazing online squadron activities and videos! Cadets will continue to create content over the summer, so stay tuned! With that in mind, it’s certainly not too late to start with new challenges or content, and participation in existing ones is highly recommended! Check out the “Current Activities” Tab then click on YouTube Playlists, or visit our Facebook group!

Have an awesome summer 102! We look forward to seeing everyone in upcoming online training and activities and in September!

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