Summer Training Update – March 21st 2020

Detachment is not sending out additional summer training offers until they have more info on how Covid-19 will impact everyone.

If you have already received an offer for a summer training course, we will provide more information in the weeks to come on the acceptance process.

Please don’t worry about the logistics, just stay safe and keep practicing social distancing.

We encourage you to keep up with your boot polishing while watching a tv program or two 😃. (100+ coats of polish will really make em shine!)

In addition to this, please feel free to offer your time to help your family with chores and cooking! This is a great time for relationship building and learning skills such as cooking, how to do laundry and other life lessons that can be learned around the house.

Make sure that you are reaching out to the cadets in your chain of command for questions you may have and please keep in touch with your friends!

Be safe and stay tuned for more updates.

– 2Lt St Jean

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