📢Monday January 6th

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Parade Night: Welcome back everyone! This Monday (Jan 6th) will be a sports night, so please show up in Sports Attire.

Drill Team: We will be having a practice on January 3rd from 1800-2100 (6-9), as well as a practice on January 4 from 1630-1730 (4:30-5:30). Both of these practices will be at the armouries.

Seniors Day: There will be a Seniors Day for all Level 4’s and 5’s, this Saturday (January 4th) from 0900-1600 Hrs at the Armoury. Lunch will not be provided, so please bring your own. Also please bring a pen, paper and a great attitude for this amazing day! Please contact WO2 Van Namen if you have any other questions.

Sports Competition: We will be having a tri-service sports competition On January 11th. Please stay tuned for the signup and more details.

New cadets! 102 Squadron welcomes new cadets during our regular parade nights. Please come visit us at Romeo Dallaire High School (736 Essa Rd) at 6:15 on Monday nights. In order to enroll, you must provide a valid health card and birth certificate or Canadian permanent resident card or passport.

Can’t remember how to take care of your uniform? Never fear, 102 squadron’s uniform guide is here.

Monday night parades are mandatory, and attendance is required to complete level training and be considered for promotions. If you cannot attend a parade night, make sure to report your absence as far in advance as possible using this form. Please do not email to report an absence.


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