📢Monday March 18th

Drill Team: We have a practice this Friday (15 March) from 1800 – 2100hrs at the Armoury. Come ready to practice hard and also bring some things to entertain yourself while on break (frisbee, badminton rackets, etc.).

Band: There is a band practice this Sunday (17 March) from 1800 – 2100hrs at the Armoury.

Debate Team: Thank you to all that tried out this year for the debate team. The final list has been posted. Click here to view the list. There will be a practice this Tuesday March 19th, more information will be given on Monday. If you have any question please talk to CV Erb.

The dress for Monday, March 18th will be C2.

Do you still have OPC tickets? OPC tickets are overdue. If you still have some, please bring them back ASAP.

Movie Time: 102 Squadron has booked a private movie screening of Captain Marvel on Saturday, March 23 at Galaxy Cinemas, 72 Commerce Park Drive. Click here for more information and to sign up! Cadets should arrive at then 09:00hrs and meet in the lobby. This event is 100% free and popcorn and a drink are included as well! There is no longer a signup deadline, so if you won’t know until the last minute, that’s OK! We are looking for maximum participation in this awesome experience. The trailer for Captain Marvel is linked on the signup page.

Effective Speaking: The Regional Effective Speaking Contest will be held on March 23rd at 1300hrs. The competition will take place at Four Points by Sheraton, Collingwood Room, 60 Bryne Dr., Barrie.

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Monday night parades are mandatory, and attendance is required to complete level training and be considered for promotions. If you cannot attend a parade night, make sure to report your absence as far in advance as possible using this form. The attendance email is no longer monitored.

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