📢 Monday January 7th

All cadet events scheduled to occur before this Monday (7 January) have been cancelled as we are unable to access the Armoury until then.

Welcome back everyone! We hope you had a fun and safe holiday! Make sure you take the time to get your uniform cleaned and ironed and your boots polished for Monday!

The dress for Monday, January 7th will be C2. Cadets not in uniform: please remember you are to wear a white shirt and black pants. Black shoes and a black tie are also encouraged. This applies to all cadets who are not wearing their cadet uniform.

Do you still have OPC tickets? Please bring them back!

Effective Speaking: The information page has been updated!

Squadron Newsletter: Beginning in January, 102 Squadron will be publishing a newsletter either bi-weekly or monthly. Want to shoutout a cadet in our newsletter? Click here to learn more!

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The Squadron phone tree is now operational. If you do not receive a phone call during the week from a senior cadet in your flight, please inform your Flight Commander.

Monday night parades are mandatory, and attendance is required to successfully complete level training and be considered for promotions. If you cannot attend a parade night, make sure to excuse yourself by emailing attendance@102squadron.com as far in advance as possible.

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