CATO 15-22, also known as the Conduct and Discipline of Cadet has been posted under the “Cadets” tab. Any questions about the information in this document can be passed up your appropriate chain of command.
This upcoming Monday night the uniform for all cadets is C3E for all cadets except for FSgts and WOs will be wearing. If you do not have a blue t shirt or it does not fit continue to wear C3 until supply can issue more out.
Don’t forget to check the announcements each week for all the important information! Announcements will be posted by Thursday each week.
Arrive by 18:00hrs sharp for Monday night parades. Please do not arrive before 17:45hrs as the School doors will be locked until then.
New cadets are welcome! Check out the enrollment page for more info.
Learn how to take care of your uniform by reading our uniform guide!
Please do not park or drive within the Armoury compound. Your vehicle could be ticketed and/or towed by Military Police.

Welcome to 102 Squadron!

102 (Barrie Silver Fox) Squadron is the Air Cadet Squadron of Barrie, Ontario.

Interested in Air Cadets?

Every September, our squadron opens its doors to new recruits. All new cadets must be 12 years of age or older, and be Canadian citizens or legal residents.

In order to enrol your child in cadets, you must bring them to the squadron to any parade night from September through December to fill out the necessary paperwork. Your child may not begin attending training until they are 12 years of age. Click here for more information.

What is Air Cadets?

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📢Monday April 20th

Training Cancellation:

To better protect cadets and their families and avoid spreading COVID-19, in-person cadet training and activities have been cancelled for the spring and summer of 2020, effective until August 31st.

However, this presents us with a perfect opportunity to become even more connected and engaged online, create content, and come up with new ways to interact and learn.

The full address can be found here.

Monday Training & Fun Activities: 

This Monday, we are implementing a new system for online training and activities on Zoom, allowing for cadets to spend time with both their flights and levels. Additionally, there will be a squadron-wide discussion with the CO at the end of the night.

The new schedule is as follows: 

1830-1900 Flight Time

1900-2015 Level Time

2015-2030 CO Discussion and Announcements

For login info for your flight’s zoom, click here.

For your level, click here.

And for the squadron wide zoom, click here.

Squadron Activities:

Check out all the amazing online squadron activities and videos! We are publishing videos daily that include Fitness Challenges, Uniform Tips, Wellness Tips, Outdoor Survival Tips, Vlogs and More! Check out the “Current Activities” Tab then click on YouTube Playlists!

Discord Server: 

By popular demand, 102 Squadron has set up a Discord Server! The Server has been set up in a way that will only allow cadets and staff to join. When you first join you will be required to enter the following details in the “#Member-Request” chat: Rank, First Initial, Last Name and Your Level. For Example, “WO2 R. Van Namen Level 5”. An Admin will allow you access once your details have been verified. There is a voice chat for each level and a general voice chat as well. Please note you can use your personal account, no need to create a new one for cadets. However, you will be given a Nickname within the Server of your proper rank and last name.

To join the invite link is https://discordapp.com/invite/3jSPwkQ


Letters to Seniors in Quarantine: 

Hello cadets, there is an opportunity to connect with some seniors in our community who reside at Chartwell Barrington retirement residence:

The residents who live at Chartwell Barrington would really benefit from hearing from the youth in the community.  Chartwell Barrington is not allowing visitors to come into the building due to the spread of COVID – 19, this measure is to ensure the safety of our elderly population.  As you can imagine this is a very lonely time for our elderly population and they would really benefit from our cadets reaching out and sharing everyday experiences with them.

Would you please consider once per week writing a letter to a resident at Chartwell Barrington?  They would absolutely love to hear from you. Tell them some jokes. Tell them what you are doing at home to stay happy and healthy, tell them what you are learning in school or what you are doing in Air Cadets.  There is a lot you could write about.

Mrs. Squires, who is a part of the SSC and works at the Chartwell Barrington retirement residence has agreed to receive these ’emailed letters’ and disperse them to seniors there.

Please consider the smiles and encouragement this would bring to a resident and how much joy they would receive from this.  If you are interested please email FCpl Mena E. at mena.eac13@gmail.com with your interest. When we know how many cadets are willing to do this, Mrs. Squires will provide us with the name of a resident to write to.

Quarantine Opportunity to Help Our Local Community:

The Barrie Food Bank strives to help our community and given the status of COVID-19, they will see an increased demand in their services over the next few months. Although they are not accepting food donations at this time, we can still help! 

A local photographer, Courtney Guest, is following #thefrontstepsproject by offering to photograph family portraits on your doorstep. She uses a zoom lens so that she can stay curbside (keeping that 6ft distance). If you’re in a condo/apartment, she can do balcony or front entrance shots too. 

Please show us your pride and represent 102 by wearing your uniform. Your family can wear whatever they’d like, formal, casual or that pyjama quarantine attire! This will only take 15 minutes of your time. The dates and times are located on the signup (Link Below).

In exchange for this photography session, we ask that you give a monetary donation to the Barrie Food Bank. Two ways to donate: 

1) Send an eTransfer to marie@barriefoodbank.org 

Enter the security question as: Who rocks the base?

Enter the security answer as: 102aircadets


2) Pay by credit card and go to: 


Use the message field to identify yourself as a 102 Air Cadets

That way, the Barrie Food Bank will track how much we can raise for them as a squadron. Once you receive the photos from the photographer, feel free to share on the 102 Facebook Page. If you and your family are interested in participating Please Sign Up Here!

This is strictly voluntary. You are welcome to donate to the food bank without participating in the photos as well.

Europe Trip Update: 

In case you haven’t heard, the Europe trip for this summer has been cancelled under the direction of our chain of command. We are working diligently to arrange a refund with the travel company and are in the process of finalizing the refund details for all the trip participants. If you do decide to call Explorica directly, they will give you their default answer for refunds. Under this exceptional case, the refund process is different and should result in the participants getting more funds back.

I know we would all like to get this resolved as soon as possible, but the Explorica team is working remotely as well and is also overwhelmed with cancellations and changes. So this will take longer than normal.

Please email me adminO@102squadron.com or reach out directly to the CO if you have any further questions. 

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