Arrive at 18:15hrs sharp for Monday night parades.
Sign up for the new Winter FTX! The link is under the “Events” tab.
New cadets are welcome! Come check us out during a Monday training night or contact us for more info.
Unsure of how to take care of your uniform? Check out our new uniform guide.

ATTN: National Course Applications

Cadets wanting to go on National course were told to submit essays and paper work by email to Capt Reid. If you have not done so it must be done today. Both myself and Capt Reid will be working on this today and you can call us at 705 722 2271 or email me at amberreid79@gmail.com

If I don’t not hear from any one today will have missed this opportunity.

Below are the list of courses we are working on.

Exchange IACE
Aircraft Maintenance
Airport Operations
Advance Aerospace

If you want it you will make it happen!

Lt Reid

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