CATO 15-22, also known as the Conduct and Discipline of Cadet has been posted under the “Cadets” tab. Any questions about the information in this document can be passed up your appropriate chain of command.
This upcoming Monday night the uniform for all cadets is C3E for all cadets except for FSgts and WOs will be wearing. If you do not have a blue t shirt or it does not fit continue to wear C3 until supply can issue more out.
Don’t forget to check the announcements each week for all the important information! Announcements will be posted by Thursday each week.
Arrive by 18:00hrs sharp for Monday night parades. Please do not arrive before 17:45hrs as the School doors will be locked until then.
New cadets are welcome! Check out the enrollment page for more info.
Learn how to take care of your uniform by reading our uniform guide!
Please do not park or drive within the Armoury compound. Your vehicle could be ticketed and/or towed by Military Police.

Welcome to 102 Squadron!

102 (Barrie Silver Fox) Squadron is the Air Cadet Squadron of Barrie, Ontario.

Interested in Air Cadets?

Every September, our squadron opens its doors to new recruits. All new cadets must be 12 years of age or older, and be Canadian citizens or legal residents.

In order to enrol your child in cadets, you must bring them to the squadron to any parade night from September through December to fill out the necessary paperwork. Your child may not begin attending training until they are 12 years of age. Click here for more information.

What is Air Cadets?

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📢 Monday, February 8th

Virtual Training Schedule: Online training will resume this Monday, February 8th. The schedule for the evening is as follows:

1845-1900 | Cadets sign in to their levels

1900-2010 | Level Training

2015 | Closing Parade – CO’s Address

Click here or check the Current Activities tab for all Zoom login information.

Serial 2 Cadet Correspondent Workshop (CCW): Registration is now open for Serial 2 of the Cadet Correspondent Workshop (CCW). This serial will be run from March 13-April 10, 2021 and is only open to two cadets. 

Requirements: Cadets must be Level 3 or above, and aged 14 or above to participate in the CCW and take on the role of cadet correspondent at 102 squadron. The cadets must also have a Gmail account to participate.

Delivery: CDTCOR 21-02 will be a virtual delivery, primarily self-directed with weekly tutorials. The content will be delivered via Google Classroom, and weekly tutorials that will be held on Saturday at 13:00.

There are five modules to this workshop, with five assignments to hand in. The workshop content will be available for six weeks, allowing cadets an additional week to catch up or re-do assignments. Cadets may also choose to complete all assignments early, but are still asked to participate in weekly tutorials.

If this is of interest to you, please respond to CI Erb at kerb9567@yahoo.ca with a short paragraph why you feel this course is for you. The deadline for this response is Saturday, February 13.

Survival Instructor Course: There is an exciting summer training opportunity available for those who are interested in participating in the Survival Instructor Course. This is a six week in-person training course.  

There is very limited spacing for this course and competition will be fierce. There is no guarantee that you will be chosen.  

If you are in Level 3 or above, and would be interested in submitting your name for consideration, please respond to CI Erb at kerb9567@yahoo.ca with a short paragraph explaining why you feel you are the best candidate for this course. The deadline for this response is Saturday, February 13.

Vimy Pilgrimage Award: The Vimy Foundation created the Vimy Pilgrimage Award to recognize the actions of young people who are dedicated to the betterment of society by demonstrating an outstanding commitment to volunteer work through positive contributions, notable deeds, or bravery that benefits their peers, school, community, province, or country.

Apply for the 2021 program from January 4th to February 15th, 2021! 

The Vimy Pilgrimage Award consists of a fully funded week-long educational program in Belgium and France to study Canada’s tremendous First World War contribution. The program is offered by the Vimy Foundation and features daily visits to important First World War sites including museums, cemeteries, and historic battlefields. A total of 20 students will be selected for the 2021 program.

Applicants are required to submit a 500 word essay describing their volunteer work; a 500 word essay on a specific question or subject posted in the application form; a personal statement video; a resume detailing achievements, awards, and notable activities; and a reference letter from a teacher, guidance counselor or principal, service club, volunteer organization, etc. In choosing Award winners, the Award Committee will take into consideration all elements submitted for the application with special emphasis placed on the applicant’s volunteer work and service to their communities.

Click on here for further information and to apply.

Summer Staff Opportunities: There is an exciting opportunity for those interested to apply for a Summer Staffing position.  These positions are for in-person training at various locations such as RCSU Central, CTC Connaught and CTC Trenton.

The age requirement is that you will be 16 by the first day the course is to begin. As well, the number of training days varies from 19-47.

There is a limited number of openings so give this outstanding opportunity some thought.  If you are interested, send a short paragraph explaining why you feel you would be the best candidate for one of these positions to CI Erb at kerb9567@yahoo.ca by no later than Saturday, February 13.

Effective Speaking and Debate: This Wednesday, February 3rd is the beginning of debate team. All who have presented a speech are welcome to attend the kick-off to an awesome season of debating!

Horaire d’entraînement virtuel : L’entraînement en ligne se déroulera ce lundi, 8 février. L’horaire est le prochain :

1845-1900 | Les cadets joindras leur niveau

1900-2010 | Entraînement de niveau

2015 | Fin de l’entraînement

Cliquez ici ou visitez la section des activités en cours pour toute l’information de Zoom.

Atelier des cadets correspondant Série 2 (ACC): Vous pouvez vous inscrire maintenant au ACC. Cette série va se dérouler du 13 Mars au 10 Avril, 2021 et seulement deux cadets vont être choisis.

Prérequis: Les cadets doivent être dans le niveau 3 ou plus et avoir 14 ans ou plus pour participer dans l’ ACC et être un cadet correspondant à l’Escadron 102. Les cadets doivent aussi avoir un compte de courriel électronique Gmail pour participer.

Entrainement: CDTCOR 21-02 va être enseignée en ligne, la plupart du temps vous allez apprendre vous même avec l’aide de tutoriel hebdomadaire. Le contenu du cours va être livré sur Google Classroom, et les tutoriels hebdomadaires vont être les samedis à 13:00.

Il y aura cinq modules qui font partie de cet entraînement, avec cinq devoirs à faire. Les contenus de cet entraînement vont être disponibles pour 6 semaines et une semaine d’extra pour faire des devoirs manquants. Les cadets peuvent également choisir de terminer tous leurs devoirs tôt, mais on leur demande quand même de participer à des tutoriels hebdomadaires. 

Si ça vous intéresse, s’il vous plaît contacter CI Erb a kerb9567@yahoo.ca avec un court paragraphe pourquoi ce cours est pour vous. La date limite pour votre réponse est le samedi 13 février.

Cours d’instructeur de survie : Il y a une opportunité très excitante pour ceux qui veulent participer au cours instructeur de survie. C’est un programme de 6 semaines d’entraînement en personne.

Il y a de l’espace très limité pour ce cours et il va y avoir beaucoup de compétition. Il n’y a pas de garantie que vous allez être choisi.

Si vous êtes en niveau 3 ou plus et que vous êtes intéressé vous pouvez soumettre votre nom a CI Erb a kerb9567@yahoo.ca avec un court paragraphe pourquoi vous êtes le meilleur candidat pour ce cours. La date limite est le 13 février.

Opportunité de personnel travaillant pour l’été: Il y a une opportunité très excitante pour ceux que ça leur intéressent d’être un personnel travaillant cet été. Ces positions sont pour l’entraînement en personne a quelque locations comme RCSU, CTC Connaught et CTC Trenton

Vous devez avoir au moins 16 ans par le temps que le cours commence. Aussi, le nombre de journées peut être de 19-47 jours.

Il y a de l’espace très limité pour ce cours et il va y avoir beaucoup de compétition. Il n’y a pas de garantie que vous allez être choisi. Si vous êtes intéressé vous pouvez soumettre votre nom a CI Erb a kerb9567@yahoo.ca avec un court paragraphe pourquoi vous êtes le meilleur candidat pour cette position. La date limite est le 13 février.

Débat et discours efficace : Notre prochaine réunion aura lieu le mercredi 3 février sur le Zoom du niveau 3. Assurez-vous de pratiquer vos discours cette semaine. Bonne chance!

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