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Air cadets have a variety of summer training opportunities available to them! Most camps are hosted at Canadian Military Bases and the focus of each course ranges from music to shooting to repairing airplanes. There really is a summer course for everyone! If, after reading through the information available on this page, you still have questions about summer training, please get in touch with your Flight Commander or one of our training staff!

Who can apply for Summer Training?

All cadets are able to apply for some kind of Summer Training! Each year, the squadron must complete a priority list for summer training. The list for each course is compiled by determining the merits and qualifications of each cadet applying. Cadets should keep in mind that their priority position will depend on the course they are applying for, the number of applicants, and the relative performance and assessments of all applicants.

A cadets assessment for Summer Training is based on the following criteria:


Attendance: Cadets will be given credit for every parade night and mandatory training activities they attend. To be a competitive applicant for a summer training course, cadets need to have a high attendance percentage for mandatory training. Competitive applicants typically have 90% attendance or higher.

Dedication: Cadets will be given credit for taking part in squadron teams and extra training (Band, Drill Team, Range Team, Effective Speaking, etc).

Commitment: Cadets will be given credit for commitment to the squadron through participation in community service activities and participation in optional training activities.

Training Level: Cadets will be given credit for the highest level they have achieved and their performance in that level.

Performance: Cadets will be given credit for their overall reliability, responsibility and performance as a cadet. The Level Officer will provide this assessment.


Qualification: No cadet will be prioritized for a summer course for which they are not qualified. Qualifications may include years in cadets, training level, age or physical factors. Full qualifications can be found in the summer training brochure.

Conduct: No cadet will be placed on a priority list who does not exhibit proper conduct expected of a cadet. Proper conduct is outlined in the Cadet Code of Conduct.

Attendance: A cadet with inadequate attendance will not be placed on a summer training priority list.

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