Cadet Code of Conduct

By enroling as a cadet at 102 Squadron, you are expected to abide by the Cadet Code of Conduct.

  1. I hereby agree to carry out my duties to the best of my ability, and to conform to these rules:
    1. I agree to respect the people around me, my environment, and the belongings of others;
    2. I agree to not purchase, sell, consume or distribute alcohol, narcotics, prohibited substances, drug-related paraphernalia, or pornographic material and to not take part in illegal gambling activities;
    3. I agree to not purchase, sell, or distribute tobacco products;
    4. I agree to not consume any prescription or non-prescription medications not specifically prescribed to me for a current health condition;
    5. I agree to not commit theft or to borrow the belongings of others without having been authorized to do so by the owner(s) of the belongings in question;
    6. I agree to not sell, barter, or steal any items belonging to the Department of National Defence or the government or a Cadet League or sponsor;
    7. I agree to conduct myself toward others following the values and direction of the Positive Social Relations for Youth programme;
    8. I agree to not fight with, shout at, or bully anyone;
    9. I agree to be loyal, honest, courageous, diligent, fair, and responsible;
    10. I agree to respect all rules and regulations and to report to my supervisors any breach of the rules of which I may be aware;
    11. I agree to conform to the approved cadet dress regulations;
    12. I agree to obey proper orders, directives, and instructions issued by persons in positions of authority; and
    13. I agree to do nothing that might endanger the immediate safety of other persons.
  2. I understand these rules apply to me when I am engaged in authorized cadet activities, in or out of uniform.
  3. I acknowledge that a breach of one or more of the aforementioned rules may result in administrative or disciplinary measures to include release from the cadet corps/squadron or training centre. I agree to obey these rules of conduct while enrolled as a cadet in this corps/squadron or attending a CSTC.

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