Cadet Responsibilities

Air Cadets benefit from both the national program and from local initiatives. To run a program of this quality takes a great deal of resources, and our Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) remains committed to keeping this program affordable for all cadets who wish to participate. Along with this commitment from the SSC comes expectations for all cadets. These expectations include:

  • Attending all training nights, training activities and parades: Cadets who do not attend parade nights regularly will fall behind in their training, will not be successful and may be released from the squadron.
  • Attendance at special parades such as the Annual Review is critical. If your cadet has a legitimate reason why they cannot attend a Squadron activity, please contact us in advance.
  • Taking part in fundraising activities: Cadets are expected to take part in fundraising activities such as Tag Days and selling Air Cadet League lottery tickets. These activities raise the necessary funds to help the squadron plan and implement various training activities, keeping the program affordable for all participants.   Please see the SSC Page for more information on fundraising.
    • Participation at a level of 75% is expected for Tag Days and Poppy drives.
    • Participation at 100% is required for Air Cadet League lottery tickets, Remembrance Day activities, and the Annual Ceremonial Review (late May/ early June)
    • A Cadet failing to participate in Squadron mandatory events will prevent them from participating in some activities defined be the SSC.
  • Taking care of their uniform: Each cadet will be issued a uniform when they have completed the intake program. It costs the Department of National Defence approximately $1000 to outfit each cadet. The squadron has a fixed budget to purchase uniforms each year. It is critical that the cadet takes care of their uniform, keeps it cleaned and pressed, and returns it the squadron when they leave the unit or outgrow the uniform. Each cadet is given information and training on how to maintain their uniform. Ask your cadet to share this information with you.
  • Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork: there are permission and information forms for many different activities. This information is sent home for you as well as your cadet. Please ensure that the forms are properly completed and returned in a timely manner.
  • Communications: Please ask your cadet what activities they are participating in. Parents are encouraged to attend the Squadron closing parade (weekly), which normally commences around 8:50pm. This is when important information is conveyed verbally to the cadets and parents present. We will also post this infromation on the Squadron website as well. Information regarding our social media and our communication methods are also posted.

How to Join

Every September, our squadron opens its doors to new recruits. All new cadets must be 12 years of age or older, and be Canadian citizens or legal residents. Currently we are operating under COVID-19 rules and are operating virtually.  We are starting online in September and hopefully will be in person starting in October 2021.

In order to enroll your child in cadets, you must email the Administration officer at adminO@102squadron.com to obtain the necessary paperwork. A valid health card and birth certificate/passport are required to enroll a cadet. Your child may not begin attending training until they are 12 years of age.

For questions regarding enrollment:

Email us: admino@102squadron.com

Our normal parade nights once we go back in person is from 1815h to 2100h on a Monday parade night at Roméo Dallaire High School and some events are held at the Barrie Armoury.

736 Essa Rd Barrie, ON L4N 9E9

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