CATO 15-22, also known as the Conduct and Discipline of Cadet has been posted under the “Cadets” tab. Any questions about the information in this document can be passed up your appropriate chain of command.
This upcoming Monday night the uniform for all cadets is C3E for all cadets except for FSgts and WOs will be wearing. If you do not have a blue t shirt or it does not fit continue to wear C3 until supply can issue more out.
Don’t forget to check the announcements each week for all the important information! Announcements will be posted by Thursday each week.
Arrive by 18:00hrs sharp for Monday night parades. Please do not arrive before 17:45hrs as the School doors will be locked until then.
New cadets are welcome! Check out the enrollment page for more info.
Learn how to take care of your uniform by reading our uniform guide!
Please do not park or drive within the Armoury compound. Your vehicle could be ticketed and/or towed by Military Police.

Welcome to 102 Squadron!

102 (Barrie Silver Fox) Squadron is the Air Cadet Squadron of Barrie, Ontario.

Interested in Air Cadets?

Every September, our squadron opens its doors to new recruits. All new cadets must be 12 years of age or older, and be Canadian citizens or legal residents.

In order to enrol your child in cadets, you must bring them to the squadron to any parade night from September through December to fill out the necessary paperwork. Your child may not begin attending training until they are 12 years of age. Click here for more information.

What is Air Cadets?

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📢Monday, October 19th

IMPORTANT – COVID-19 Training: All cadets wishing to participate in online training must complete the COVID-19 online course: you will not be permitted if it is not completed. For instructions on how to take it, click here. Once it has been completed, email the certificate to admino@102squadron.com. 

There is also an aide-memoire addressing possible questions about the pandemic available on the website or by clicking here.

Virtual Training Schedule: Online training will resume this Monday, October 19th.

The schedule for the evening is as follows: 

1845-1900 | Cadets sign in to their levels

1900-2010 | Level Training

2015 | Closing Parade – CO’s Address

Click here or check the Current Activities tab for the appropriate Zoom login information.

Effective Speaking and Debate: It’s not too late to join! Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, October 21st, at 6:30 on the Level Three Zoom. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

102 Cookbook Survey: Click here to fill a short survey to help the 102 Squadron Cookbook Committee decide on pricing. This is an important fundraiser helping to raise money in place of tagging, so please take a moment to complete it!

PSRY: The PSRY course is mandatory training that all cadets must attend in order to move ahead to their next level, as well as be promoted. See the lists below to see if you need to take it. If your name is on one of these lists, you must attend on the corresponding date. Due to the nature of the course, only 12 will be taught at a time. Therefore, only the first to sign up are guaranteed a spot.

PSRY – Sunday, October 18 from 0900-1300hrs – OCdt Malichen-Reid – Level 1
Zoom – click here to signup.

Level 3 cadets requiring PSRY Course
1. Cpl McLachlan
2. Cpl Howlett
3. Cpl Cormier
4. Cpl Boucher

Level 2 cadets requiring PSRY Course
1. Cpl Rogan
2. Cpl Naumenko
3. Cpl Muiruri
4. Cpl Mendonca
5. Cpl Ledoux
6. Cpl LaFontaine
7. Cpl Kim
8. Cpl Illescas
9. Cpl Holmes
10. Cpl Higgs
11. Cpl Grujin
12. Cpl Galarneau
13. Cpl Fairhurst
14. Cpl Booth
15. Cpl Bianchi
16. Cpl Bennettt
17. Cpl Yaackobov
18. Cpl Trimble
19. Cpl Sohail
20. Cpl Silwimba
21. LAC Beatth-Burdick
22. LAC Dean
23. LAC Chen
24. Cdt Tatum

PSRY – Saturday, October 24 from 0900-1300hrs – OCdt Mena – Level 1 Zoom
All Cadets that are brand new this year, regardless of level shall attend this
course with OCdt Mena. Click here to sign up. 

New Level 3 cadets requiring PSRY Course
1. Bakhteyev, Roman
2. Chiang, Alexander
3. Desira, Mia
4. Hemming, Sebastian
5. Rayner, Benjamin
6. Roughsedge, Chloe

New Level 2 cadets requiring PSRY Course
1. Farrell, William

ALL Level 1 cadets requiring PSRY Course
1. Bakhteyev, Ross
2. Bruder, E
3. Campbell, J
4. Cousins, O
5. Dinsmore, R
6. Eduardo, B
7. Ivanov, A
8. Kamra, M
9. Khosla-Vucko
10. Klevin, K
11. Mayeras, H
12. Moses, A
13. Pronin, M
14. Roughsedge, M
15. Symes, O
16. Wiebe, J
17. Yang, J
18. Young, L

PSRY – Saturday, October 24 from 0900-1300hrs – WO Mena – Level 4 Zoom – click here to sign up.  

Level 4 cadets requiring PSRY Course
1. FCpl Barnes
2. FCpl Barulin
3. Cpl Berkner
4. FCpl Boyd
5. FCpl Butcher
6. Sgt Case
7. Sgt Clements
8. Sgt Dhanoa
9. FCpl Dixon Toto Elamin
10. Sgt Erb
11. FCp Grasse
12. FCpl Heffernan Razo
13. Sgt Hunt
14. Sgt Kiselev
15. FCpl Le
16. Sgt Leask
17. Sgt Madaleno
18. Sgt Malkrab
19. Cpl Maydew
20. Sgt Mejia
21. Sgt Mena
22. FCpl Oliver
23. FCpl N’Neill
24. Sgt O’Toole
25. Sgt Principe
26. FCpl Redhead
27. Sgt Reeve
28. FCpl Rollko
29. Sgt Rose
30. FCpl Silwimba
31. FCpl Smith
32. Sgt Soetan
33. FCpl Stafford-Valdes
34. Sgt Tetzlaff
35. Sgt Toumi
36. Cpl Turner
37. Sgt Wass
38. Cpl Willstrop
39. Sgt Wright

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