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IMPORTANT – COVID-19 Training: All cadets that have not yet completed this important training must do so ASAP! You will not be permitted to participate in in-person if it is not completed. Links to take the course as well as the associated test can be found under Current Activities. Once it has been completed, email the certificate to

There is also an aide-memoire addressing possible questions about the pandemic available under Current Activities or by clicking here.

Validation Forms: All cadets that have received validation forms must fill them out (with their parents/guardians) and send them to ASAP! These forms are now overdue. If you do not return this form, you will not be permitted to participate in any in-person training. Any electronic document formats are acceptable, including photos or scans.

Virtual Training Schedule: Virtual Training Schedule: Online training will resume this Monday, December 7th.

The schedule for the evening is as follows:

1845-1900 | Cadets sign in to their levels

1900-2010 | Level Training

2015 | Closing Parade – CO’s Address

Click here or check the Current Activities tab for all Zoom login information.

Level 5 Workshop: This announcement is for all Level 5’s.

As we approach the PO 513 workshop on 12 Dec 2020 we have 6 different classes that are available for selection. The due date for selection is 0800hrs on December 4th. Please check your email for more information.

Time Management – This workshop will provide cadets with tools to better manage their busy schedules. Topics for discussion include managing stress, honouring commitments, meeting deadlines, limiting procrastination, identifying and dealing with scheduling changes, keeping an agenda, and multi-tasking.

Ethics: Making Tough Choices – This workshop will provide cadets with the opportunity to discuss ethics with their peers as it relates to their role as a cadet. It has been designed to include a discussion on what ethics is and how it is present in all aspects of life. Cadets will work through case studies to examine their own perceptions of ethics and how ethical decision-making can often require making tough choices.

Healthy Relationships – This workshop deals with the various relationships that senior cadets must make and maintain. Discussions on the difference between professional and personal relationships as well as the need to establish relationships with subordinates, superiors and peers will be combined with activities dealing with transitional relationships and the impact of inappropriate relationships (e.g., moral, legal, administrative). The idea of a relationship between the cadet corps/squadron and the community will also be explored.

Communication Tools – This workshop provides cadets the tools to enhance their communication skills. Activities covering active listening, summarizing tools, and tips on paraphrasing are combined with discussions on effective questioning techniques as well as non-verbal communications (e.g. body language).

Stress Management – This workshop will provide cadets the tools to better understand stress management. Discussions will include types of stress, ways to detect stress, coping with stress and skills to minimize or alleviate stress in one’s daily routine.

Unit Command Team Working Relationship – This workshop will focus on the interaction between the Unit CO and senior cadet. Discussions will include command team concept, roles and responsibilities of the CPO1/CWO/WO1.

Please check your email sent to all Level 5’s from SLt Morris for more information and selection process details.

Cookbook: Exciting News!  The cookbook team is hard at work putting the finishing touches on the cookbook.  Stay tuned as there will be cool presale ideas coming out soon.

If you were one of the recent winners in the recipe draw, please email Sgt Erb with your address at

Christmas Cards for our Troops: More than 2,000 Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members are currently deployed on missions and will be serving far from their friends and families during the holidays. Sending holiday greeting cards to our troops is one way to show our appreciation—and to remind them that someone is thinking of them this holiday season.

You can send a Christmas card or even a letter to any deployed CAF member somewhere in the world by sending it, addressed to “Any Canadian Armed Forces Member,”  The CAF will sort the cards and letters and distribute them among the various missions and regions around the world. You can send as many as you like, though each will need a stamp to get it to Belleville.

The cards have to be received in Belleville by December 9 (I know this is short notice but they must be in the mail by this upcoming Saturday, December 5 or Sunday, December 6) so they can be distributed to the troops in time for Christmas.  To send a holiday card to our troops, address it (stamped) to:

Any Canadian Armed Forces Member

PO Box 5004 Stn Forces

Belleville, ON

K8N 5W6

We would like to track 102 Silver Fox Squadron participation in this important event.  If you will send a Christmas card, please send a little email to Sgt Mena E at and Cpl Cormier at to let them know.

102 Elite Dangerous Expedition:  102 has its very own fleet: we encourage you to join us by installing the game if you haven’t already! Click here for more info.

102 Squadron Podcast: Our 102 Squadron Podcast has officially been released on all major podcast platforms. If you like aviation and especially listening to podcasts, you should definitely check out the 102 Squadron podcast! Our podcast team has been working extremely hard to release this podcast and you should expect an episode every week! We talk about nearly every aviation topic you could think of including aviation history, modern aviation, and even aircraft comparisons. We encourage everyone to give it a try!

Summer Training Presentations: On December 6th and 12th, 102 Squadron will be having zoom presentations about the opportunities you have for summer camps. We need cadets to volunteer to talk about their past experiences and the camps they attended, both in person and virtual. We aren’t sure if Summer Training will happen, but if it does we still want to give everyone the opportunity to learn about the courses we have. If you have been to a summer camp and or attended the virtual camps this past summer please email WO2 Squires at for more info!

102 Cookbook: The Cookbook team is now hard at work putting together the first ever 102 Squadron Cookbook. Details will be shared shortly about location of pick up and when it is available.

Christmas Dinner: We are planning for a virtual Christmas dinner for 102 Squadron. We need some cadets to form a team and help plan this event! If you are interested we are welcoming cadets from any level to participate. Please contact FSgt Fiouzbehi at for more info and to join.

Band: Hello 102 Squadron Band Members! We will be having our weekly meetings every Sunday, at 19:30 on the Level 5 Zoom Room. Be sure to be checking your email for updates. See you there!

CFOne Membership for Cadets: All cadets are now eligible to apply for a CFOne membership, which includes discounts at Canex, discounts at select events, fitness and recreational programs, and more! The full letter and instructions on how to apply are available here or under Current Activities.

Effective Speaking and Debate: Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, December 10th. Be sure to check our google classroom for updates and assigned work! This week’s assignment is a speech topic and rough outline. If you have any questions, email FSgt Thomson, FSgt Firouzbehi or FSgt Gabriel at,, and


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