📢Monday, November 23rd

IMPORTANT – COVID-19 Training: All cadets wishing to join in-person training must complete the COVID-19 online course; you will not be permitted if it is not completed. Links to take the course as well as the associated test can be found under Current Activities. Once it has been completed, email the certificate to admino@102squadron.com.

There is also an aide-memoire addressing possible questions about the pandemic available under Current Activities or by clicking here.

Virtual Training Schedule: Virtual Training Schedule: Online training will resume this Monday, November 23rd.

The schedule for the evening is as follows:

1845-1900 | Cadets sign in to their levels

1900-2010 | Level Training

2015 | Closing Parade – CO’s Address

Click here or check the Current Activities tab for all Zoom login information.

Validation Forms: All cadets that have received validation forms must fill them out (with their parents/guardians) and send them to adminO@102squadron.com ASAP! If you do not return this form, you will not be permitted to participate in any in-person training. Any electronic document formats are acceptable, including photos or scans.

Band: Hello 102 Squadron Band Members! We will be having our weekly meetings every Sunday, at 19:30 on the Level 5 Zoom Room. Be sure to be checking your email for updates. See you there!

Christmas Cards for Seniors: On behalf of the Seniors at the Chartwell Barrington Retirement Residence, thank you all cadets and staff that continue to write monthly letters to Seniors. 

With Christmas around the corner wouldn’t it be awesome if 102 Squadron made sure that each Senior at this retirement home received a Christmas Card?  We are looking for approximately 60 cadets and staff to volunteer to write one generic Christmas card.  These cards can be handmade, drawn or purchased.  They would not be addressed to a particular senior so we could ensure all 60 residents received one.  In keeping with COVID safety measures, the Christmas cards would be mailed to Sgt Mena E. where they would be quarantined for 14 days. After that time the Christmas cards would be delivered as one package to the Barrington where they could again be quarantined before being distributed.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to put a smile on a Senior’s face – click here to sign up!

CFOne Membership for Cadets: All cadets are now eligible to apply for a CFOne membership, which includes discounts at Canex, discounts at select events, fitness and recreational programs, and more! The full letter and instructions on how to apply are available here or under Current Activities.

Effective Speaking and Debate: Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, November 15th. Be sure to check our google classroom for updates and assigned work! If you have any questions, email FSgt Thomson, FSgt Firouzbehi or FSgt Gabriel at takieran14@gmail.com, erica.firouzbehi@gmail.com, and eriklucasg@gmail.com.

PSRY: The PSRY course is mandatory training that all cadets must attend in order to move ahead to their next level, as well as be promoted. See the lists below to see if you need to take it. If your name is on one of these lists, you must attend on the corresponding date. Due to the nature of the course, only 12 will be taught at a time. Therefore, only the first to sign up are guaranteed a spot.

PSRY – Saturday, November 28 from 0900-1300hrs – OCdt Mena – Level 1 Zoom

All Cadets that are NEW this year, regardless of level shall attend this

course with OCdt Mena. Click here to sign up. 

New Level 3 cadets requiring PSRY Course

  1. Chiang, Alexander
  2. Hemming, Sebastian
  3. Rayner, Benjamin
  4. Roughsedge, Chloe

New Level 2 cadets requiring PSRY Course

  1. Eveleigh, Nathan
  2. Farrell, William

ALL Level 1 cadets requiring PSRY Course

  1. Beck, Eduardo
  2. Boden, Spencer
  3. Chiang, Ethan
  4. Kernohan, Cameron
  5. Ivanov, A
  6. Mayeras, H
  7. Moses, A
  8. Roughsedge, M
  9. Symes, O
  10. Verheyen, Ewan
  11. Wills, MacKenzie
  12. Young, Lillian

PSRY – Sunday, November 29 from 0900-1300hrs – OCdt Malichen-Reid – Level 1 Zoom

Click here to signup.

Level 2 cadets requiring PSRY Course

  1. Cpl Ledoux
  2. Cpl Kim
  3. Cpl Holmes
  4. Cpl Higgs
  5. Cpl Grujin
  6. Cpl Fairhurst
  7. Cpl Bennettt
  8. LAC Beatty-Burdick

PSRY – Saturday, November 28 from 0900-1300hrs – WO Mena – Level 4 Zoom

Click here  to signup.

Level 4 cadets requiring PSRY Course

  1. FCpl Barulin
  2. Sgt Dhanoa
  3. FCpl Dixon Toto Elamin
  4. Sgt Kiselev
  5. FCpl Le
  6. Sgt Leask
  7. Cpl Maydew
  8. Sgt Mejia
  9. FCpl Oliver
  10. FCpl Rollko
  11. FCpl Silwimba
  12. FCpl Smith
  13. Sgt Soetan
  14. Sgt Tetzlaff
  15. Cpl Turner

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